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Is there a secret of a successful study abroad experience?
There are many, some people say. And will be wrong.
There is only One. The Vibe of the place. The one that brings together talents, ideas, money and opens the Future.
Is it what you are looking for?
Then join our platform and enjoy the free content on the International students' Experience related to Campus Life, Career opportunities, Festivals, Sports, Societies, Music, Food, Local attractions. Follow the vibe and look for that place that makes you say “IWannaStudyHere”.
Our platform looks like a modern catalog for the social media publications of colleges and universities.
All materials are grouped into 4 Directories:
Videos, Photos, Infographics, Webinars.
Catalog’s entry is a separate page with an image, video preview, short description, main features (university name, language, country), and link to the original publication.

Catalogue sections
We will place your entry in one of the current sections:

Your entry may include video, photo, infographic or webinar video or announcement. We publish embedded video for YouTube and Vimeo and the links to your resources for all other video service ( Webinars on Facebook etc.)
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For more than 20 years we have been collecting and publishing guides and catalogs, running seminars, forums, fairs, and exhibitions on International education.
Today we are Global. Visual. Online.
  • 99% of our content is visual.
  • Most of the content is in English.
  • We curate materials from Colleges and Universities' Facebook pages, Instagram posts, Tweets, YouTube, and Vimeo channels and guide our audience to the best of them on a single free-to-use online platform.
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