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Why study russian

Find out why Russia matters to India

and why Russian is actually a really important and useful language to learn!

Our countries have maintained a strong relationship for decades.
The USSR and India established diplomatic relations on April 13, 1947.
We have developed bilateral cooperation
in various industries including the oil and gas industry, IT, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, railways, shipbuilding and ship repair, steel and coking coal, medical equipment.

We value our strategic partnership
Russia and India are bound by a particularly privileged strategic partnership. The BRICS association, established in 2006, has developed into a multifaceted strategic partnership in recent years.
Russian-Indian trade reached a record level
of almost $50 billion.
The two countries cooperate in the field of defense equipment.
India is the second largest market for the Russian defense industry and Russia still is one of the main suppliers of defense equipment.
We have confidence in each other
Positive attitudes towards each other. 85% of Russians have a positive view of India. Russiians most often named Russia as their most trustworthy partner

Professionals with knowledge of Russian are needed for all current and future areas of cooperation between India and Russia. Therefore, the study of Russian is important and it is time to do it!
What we offer

Welcome to our

Online General Russian Language Course,

designed for students aged 16 and up!

Course is offered in three levels:

  • Elementary (A1)
  • Basic (A2)
  • First Certificate (B1)
Starts in June 2024

We are excited to announce that we will be

offering Russian Elementary (A1) in June 2024,

followed by Russian Basic (A2) in June 2025,

and Russian First Certificate (B1) in June 2026!

  • 8 months ( on each level) - 35 weeks with 2 holiday breaks (October, December)
  • with 105 hours of classes
is scheduled
for three lessons per week, with each session lasting one hour (45 minutes).
Classes are arranged on the following days: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday; or Saturday and Sunday.
Why choose us

The online Russian course is designed to provide a balanced knowledge of the language while developing your speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills. It is based on the Russian as a Foreign Language State Exam System.

University Level Russian Language Teachers

·Our teachers are experienced native Russian speakers who have been teaching the language to foreign students for over 20 years. They are experts in preparing students from all over the world for state language exams.
TORFL Exam Preparation

The course prepares students for the TORFL (Test of Russian as a Foreign Language) at the Elementary, Basic, and First certification levels. Exam certificates enable individuals to study, live, and work in Russia.
Homework Assistance

We offer personalized homework services for both written and oral assignments, as well as extensive self-study materials at no extra charge.
The online Russian language program is a collaborative effort between Russian educational organizations aimed at promoting bilateral relations and fostering educational exchanges and cooperation.
The Online Russian Language Course
is a cost-effective format
for achieving fast progress and excellent results.
19 900 INR
Online Russian language Course
Per person per course
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